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3 Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency For Small Businesses

Posted by Dennis Young on Apr 12, 2018 8:00:00 AM

As the owner of a business, or a growing start-up, you have a lot on your plate. With managing the various ins and outs of daily activity, not to mention the difficulties of strategic planning and compliance with government regulation, your time and budget can already be very constrained. It’s easy for marketing to become a chore, something you know needs to be done but that you do only perfunctorily. Or perhaps, you may be very excited about marketing your product but not have a wealth of experience in running a social marketing campaign, or drafting a white paper about your product. In today’s increasingly interconnected society, the importance of branding and marketing is trending ever upwards as more work is needed to stand out from the crowd and capture those precious clicks, favorites, likes, and of course, dollars.


Most business owners, of course, know all of this but may have a small marketing budget, prefer to do marketing themselves, or simply are finding that their old marketing strategies aren’t working as well as they expect them to. Hiring a digital marketing agency, particularly for small businesses with few or no in-house marketing staff members can be an incredible asset in helping your business stand out. Below are a few ways in which this outside perspective can completely change the way a business operates.


1. The Power of an Outside Perspective

As the owner of a business, you are up to your neck in its inner workings, you know everything about how everything runs and can tell anyone the ins and outs of every single detail of operations. And when it comes to marketing, this can actually be a huge problem. Many business owners, and even marketing team members can find themselves stuck in a rut in which they basically rehash the same ideas and strategies because of their continuous exposure to the business. Similarly, the wealth of technical expertise and detailed knowledge of operations parameters often leads to marketing that is too detailed and caters to the expert rather than to the ideal customer. Getting out of this mire often isn’t as simple as trying a new strategy. Bringing in an outside perspective allows someone who is not as close to the work to take a bird’s eye view of your marketing efforts and carefully examine what is and what isn’t working about your strategy. They may be able to tell you when and why certain efforts have been unsuccessful or be able to provide a new direction for your strategic thinking. Whatever happens, that outsider perspective offers fresh insight that provides a strong impetus for your growth. In particular, a digital marketing agency for small businesses can speak directly to what is successful in other businesses of your size and help build a more reliable framework for your digital marketing efforts in the future.


2. New Expertise

For firms that already have a marketing team, or for the veteran business owner who knows their way around a social marketing campaigns, hiring a digital marketing agency for small businesses can have the benefit of bringing in new areas of specialization. The people who specialize in digital marketing bring a whole suite of niche expertise to the table. You may have people who can execute a great campaign, but you may find that a digital marketing agency brings the type of broad strategic thinking that enables your marketing team to challenge their assumptions and seek out new ways of approaching a problem. Or the agency may be especially skilled in top to bottom social marketing campaigns in a way your marketing people are not and the fruit of their collaboration will help both with the immediate campaign as well as giving your marketing team a set of tools to work with in the future.


3. The Time Factor

Especially for small businesses, finding the time to work on marketing, marketing strategy, or even hiring full time marketing personnel can be impossible. Unlike hiring a full time staff member, working with a digital marketing agency is a collaboration that operates as a partnership, one in which the members of the agency are able to spend time on the product without needing to worry about the additional details and time required to run the business. The time required to successfully run social marketing campaigns alone can take up too much time for business roles when their time would be better spent focusing on other aspects of the business. Taking this load off the growing company provides the opportunity for business owners to focus on their logistics and products while feeling confident that their marketing efforts will not be wasted time, but in fact be more productive than ever before.


The Takeaway?

The benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency for small business go far beyond the simple effect of running a campaign or generating a few more clicks. A digital marketing agency is an opportunity for small businesses to find their niche, reach for room to grow and flourish in the complex global marketplace. Hiring an outside agency that is an expert in their field is a step that can drastically improve your own marketing efforts, while reducing the headache of being your own number one promoter.


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