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Simple Tips to Improve SEO

Posted by Stef Storseth on May 4, 2017 12:18:25 PM

You've likely heard everyone talking about how important SEO is to the success of your business. It may be easier to understand than you think. A few simple changes and updates to your website can make a big difference in the number of visitors your website receives. Read on to find out a bit more about SEO and what you can do to improve your SEO.



Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for making a website visible and accessible on the web. Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask...) use crawlers (automated robots) to crawl through the web and make an index of the things they find and sort out the relevance of the results. The crawlers use very complicated algorithms to do this, but they need the people who are designing the web pages to give them a little support. Search Engine Optimization is critial to the success of your business, and can determine how many visitors your website receives.


A few simple tips on improving SEO can make your website receive far more traffic with very little time and effort. Try these top 10 tips to help you with improving your SEO today!

  1. Make sure that every page is accessible to the crawlers. They will rely on links to navigate around a website, so if you have a page without a link, it is invisible to them. Also, make sure you don’t have too many links on the page, because the crawlers may then ignore the page.
  2. Make sure links are in HTML text. Crawlers are not very good at seeing images, so a link in Adobe Flash or Java is invisible to them.
  3. Add Alt tags to images. Crawlers can’t understand the images very well, so add an Alt tag to describe the image and help the crawlers out.
  4. Have a clear URL. It needs to contain the keywords that a crawler will need, but it also must be user friendly.
  5. Make sure the content has lots of keywords. Ensure the keywords reflect what users are searching for, and also make sure your content is user friendly. It is not good if the search engine suggests your site but users find it inaccessible. You will soon drop down the Search Engine Results Page, and people will not be directed to your site!
  6. Don’t hide your company name behind an image. This will make it difficult for the crawlers to see it!
  7. Video files are useful for users, but crawlers can’t access them. Make sure to provide a transcript of the video so it is accessible to both users and crawlers.
  8. Keep your language appropriate to your target location. As an example, an American user will search for Mom, whereas a user in the UK will search for Mum.
  9. Make sure the title of the page accurately reflects the information on the page. This might seem obvious, but it’s a common mistake. A website for a pet caretaker might name all pages ‘Best Dog Walker in Cambridge,‘ because most of their work is in walking dogs, but that is not accurate if the page also covers cat care.
  10. Crawlers can’t fill out forms. Any pages on your site that are accessed by a forSEO-Bullseye.jpgm (an inquiry form or a password protected area, for example) are invisible to the crawlers.


Set some time aside in your calendar this week to make the suggested modifications to improve your 

SEO. Although it won’t take much time to make these changes, if you follow these tips to improve your SEO, you will drive more traffic to your website and accelerate the growth of your business.


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