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4 Tips To Run An Effective Social Media Campaign 

Posted by Dennis Young on Apr 2, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Depositphotos_5868057_l-2015Most business owners are more than aware that social media is an increasingly vital part of marketing. Every helpful guide on the internet will tell you that effective internet marketing will heavily involve posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the variety of other platforms that people use to promote their product. But often, business owners find themselves stuck in the perplexing position of constantly posting on social media but feeling like their hard work turns out to be all for naught. Running a truly effective social media marketing campaign isn’t as simple as just posting constantly on twitter and asking people to follow your business account. A good social media marketing strategy requires care, precision, and carefully targeted messaging in order to achieve the desired results. Below are some critical steps that businesses can take in order to run better social marketing campaigns.

1.  Know Your Audience

Imagine that you are a local entrepreneur, looking to reach out to potential clients to tell them about your brilliant idea. Your idea, which turns trash into electric power, is easily installable, and cost effective; all in all, an amazing way for people to save money, and save the earth all at the same time. The catch? No matter how many times you post on social media, you aren’t getting any comments or more business. A big part of getting your message out is knowing who might be interested in investing in this type of product. If, as a marketer, you are sending out social media posts that only reach people who aren’t interested in environmental issues, it is unlikely that your posts will generate any results. The most important part of a successful social media marketing campaign is taking time at the beginning of the campaign to carefully consider who you want to market your idea to. The more closely you can narrow down your ideal client, the easier it will be to generate targeted advertisements that appeal to the specific demographics that you are interested in. For our trash electrician, he may be thinking about younger clients in their twenties to thirties who are passionate about environmental issues and perhaps looking to reduce their monthly electric bills. Social marketing campaigns rely on specificity and attracting the right type of potential client attention.


2.  Create Engaging Content

If the content is not engaging, then clients will not engage with it. It’s as simple as that. For businesses looking to be better at social marketing, it is integral to spend a lot of time thinking about how to make your content appealing to that ideal audience you have envisioned. There are a multitude of ways that you can achieve this goal, so it is essential to think critically about what your audience will find engaging. For the young 20 somethings that are interested in saving the environment, it could be a series of vibrant green graphics that explain how the trash to electricity invention contributes to reducing global warming and saves money. Or, it might be a series of blog posts talking about innovations in green technologies that work hand in hand with your product. In both cases, you appeal to an ideal audience with creative content that makes them want to consider your product more seriously.


3.  Know What Success Looks Like 

Of course, having the perfectly targeted social media post is useful, but equally important is having decided what constitutes a success for your business. It is essential to realize that success is not the same for every business and a successful social media advertising campaign for a small startup is absolutely going to be different than one for a long-established business that is taking its first foray into online advertising. Deciding early on what your goals are and how social media marketing will help you achieve those goals is crucial for business owners to run effective campaigns. Returning to our earlier example, as a smaller business, the trash to electricity business might say that a success is if a potential client goes from the social media post over to the website. While it may not necessarily turn into a sale, moving over to the main website indicates that the potential customer was sufficiently intrigued to go out of their way to find out more about the product. By establishing these types of goals, you make it easier to know if what you are doing is advancing your idea of a successful business and helping promote your work.


4.  Track the Data

Similarly, you can’t know if your social media marketing is working if you aren’t taking time to track and analyze the data on your posts. Simply barraging your customers with an onslaught of social media postings doesn’t do anything if you aren’t getting any consumer engagement. If you look back at the data and find that while you have a 30% click through rate from your Twitter posts, compared to a 0% click through rate on your Facebook posts, it may be worth reevaluating your marketing priorities.  You may find that focusing more heavily on your Twitter posts is a more effective use of your time, or that the style of posts you are using on Facebook is simply not engaging to the Facebook reader. Either way, you have gained a valuable insight into what is and what is not working and as such have a much clearer idea of how to proceed and start attracting more clients. Without this type of reflective work, social media marketing can be more akin to shouting into the void than a smart business strategy.


The Takeaway?

Social media marketing can be touted as the holy grail, but many businesses find it very difficult to run good social media campaigns. One step that may be worth taking is working with a digital marketing agency for small businesses, or a group that specializes in curating content and thinking seriously through the difficult issues of marketing in the contemporary age. Either way, spending time seriously considering social media strategy is absolutely necessary for businesses to find their niche in the ever-expanding sphere of social media.

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